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eezycloud. remote workspaces for a work from anywhere world.

eezycloud™ is a scalable subscription IT solution for Small Business that allows staff to work from anywhere while keeping business files off of their computer—safe, simple remote desktop-style workspaces for one or many workers, configured easily and delivered quickly—just add Users and configure software licenses. Share data and workflows from within a completely secured private cloud.

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Great for:

Small Business Owners




Owners of Multiple Businesses/Units

Accountants and their clients

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safe. simple. eezy.

Redundant Azure Datacenter hosting
Daily back-up/ 30-day restore
EULA and Support-compliant software hosting
Low-cost monthly subscriptions, starting at $43/mo. per User
Reactive remote support
Access through any web-enabled browser on any OS, or stream applications directly to your Windows desktop.

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Software, Tools & Automations

  • MiSys Manufacturing on eezycloud turns your business big.
  • Printboss on eezycloud lets you print checks better than Frank Abagnale
  • Drake Tax Software Hosting by eezycloud
  • bill & pay on eezycloud makes AR/AP a breeze!
  • Accuware Label Connector
  • taxdome hosting on eezycloud puts all your practice management tools in one place.
  • quickbooks hosting by eezycloud is better and cheaper and far more flexible than RightNetworks. Ask any of our customers.
  • Avalara Sales Tax management on eezycloud keeps the tax man away!
  • bill AR/AP software on eezycloud solves your pain.
  • FedEx Ship Manager Hosting on eezycloud
  • Transaction Pro on eezycloud eliminates double entry of data

safe. simple. easy.
eezycloud IT solutions for small business.

From SaaS workspaces to websites, e-commerce, Point-of-Sale, e-marketing tools, and system integrations, eezycloud puts automation in reach of Small Business.

Top-Notch Hosting

Host your team's workspaces, software, company websites, ecommerce, inventory and Point of Sale on a fully integrated and automated platform that lives on MS Azure-based SAS70 type II infrastructure.  Continuous backup, thirty day retention.


Virtualizing software and data access with eezycloud makes expensive on-premise network management a thing of the past.

Mobile-Ready & Super "eezy"

Securely log in to your eezycloud from any device with a browser. Plug-in and app free access means you're hassle free when you're on the road.

Quick Set-Up

Name your team members and define their individual software requirements, place your order, and you're ready to go! Same-day deployment for most customers.

Easy  To Use

Two presentation formats--HTML5 or RemoteApp--means you have the right way to access and use your software no matter the need or situation.

Fully Customizable

Most Managed Service Providers builders offer a range of customizable templates to choose from, so you can create a unique site that matches your brand.
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