Email Marketing-Monthly Newsletter plan

$500 / month and a $500 sign-up fee



Keep your audience informed and drive traffic to your site. Build relevance and improve SEO through regular, professional content development and distribution via direct email marketing and social media coordination


Marketing Basics Set-Up (One Time): Establish website capability to act as hub for marketing and branding efforts.

  • Set-up/ refresh Google Analytics
  • Set-up/ refresh Company Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Business Profiles
  • Set-up/refresh Company Blog/Newsfeed
  • Register with 100 Search Engine Indexes
  • Register with 50 Blog Indexes
  • Optimize SEO (word count, key words, readability, tagging)for 10 (ten) main pages
  • Configure Email marketing engine: establish mailing address, install software


  • (up to) 3 client Blog/post/ads per week distribution to client’s social media accounts/tagged and SEO optimized.
  • 1 Newsletter per month (recapped content or new)
  • Client List maintenance (Bounce Management, Unsubscribe, New Subscriber)
  • Results reporting (Delivered, Bounced, Opened, Clicks by Item, Reactivity)
  • Retargeting Lists for client follow-up.

Why email marketing

Simply put, there is no better way to communicate with clients and prospects: in recent studies, Email marketing delivers a astronomically better ROI than advertising or social media. 70% of people surveyed trust email marketing over social media. An email Newsletter, informs clients and prospects of your offers unobtrusively, drives traffic to your website that improves your ranking, and features links to social media to allow recipients to stay informed.

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