eezycloud™ retail

$100 / month and a $150 sign-up fee

Eezycloud Retail™ enables Intuit QuickBooks Point-of-Sale owners to run their software in the cloud, freeing them from the store and the terminal. 

Select Point-of-Sale role for this User

Software Selection

Below, select the software access your User will require on their eezycloud desktop. Monthly Fees vary.

Intuit QuickBooks Access

Select as many versions of QuickBooks as your User requires on eezycloud. License required to access software.

Use your existing Office 365 account on eezycloud

Eezycloud Retail™ enables Intuit QuickBooks Point-of-Sale owners, eCommerce businesses, field techs, and Users requiring scan and specialized print capabilities to run their software in the cloud, freeing them from the store and the terminal.  

Eezycloud™ Monthly Subscriptions are cloud-based workspaces for all of your needs. They’re accessible from any browser. You add your software¹, subscription accounts, data, files—anything that you need—just like a regular computer.

Small businesses use eezycloud™ to replace their servers and desktops— they simply set up an eezycloud™ for each employee and they can work together—share files and software licensing—without the cost and commitment of a private network. Scale as you need—for projects, temporary staff, consultants, interns—on a compliant architecture that protects critical business data. 


¹ eezycloud™ supplies the installed software, updated to the latest release, for a nominal maintenance fee. Individual clients provide their licenses using eezylicense™—eezycloud’s proprietary digital rights management (DRM) engine, which ensures licensing according to manufacturer’s limitations.


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