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Work at Home phenomenon is an Economic Game Changer

Here at eezycloud, we’re firmly behind the “distributed” staffing model—building discrete environments for remote work and disaster planning.   Less proximity means less pressure, less competition, less aggression for the daily necessities surrounding the workday—allowing staff and management to focus on their tasks and deliver better results. That said, the consequence on economies built on density is profound. The New York Times explores how Manhattan is dealing with work-from-home trend triggered by the rolling disaster of COVID-19 and the implications for its economy.

As Remote Work Becomes Permanent, Can Manhattan Adapt?

With more companies adopting hybrid work, New York City’s economy, which relies on commuters and full office buildings, faces an uncertain future. PwC, a global consulting firm with its American headquarters in New York City, has told 40,000 of its United States employees that they can work remotely forever.

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