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SquadTrip is Cool


I manage an Alumni group on Facebook (Go Bants!), and someone posted news of two buddies from college (they’re buddies, not me), that started SquadTrip, a financial tool for splitting the travel bill between multiple parties. Did you ever try to plan a trip with friends or relatives, and went through the hassle of trying to collect from everyone for the travel expense? It’s a real pain. I think of the uncle in Home Alone! who “only had travelers checks” when the pizza bill came around. SquadTrip  lets you collect from everyone  separately and then pay funds directly to travel sites and vendors. No more comingling. In short, it solves a need, and what’s more, it’s free for casual use (up to five times a year; $50 mo for serious masochists that travel with family more than that). So check it out. They’re targeting the travel industry, with solutions for travel bookers.

So check it out.  SquadTrip

Squadtrip – Collect Money For Your Trips

Many people struggle with collecting money for their Group Trip. They spend all their time setting up payment plans, accepting payments, tracking payments, hassling people to pay via email/text, and making it all look professional with a nice site, invoices, and receipts – Collecting payments for your Group Trip doesnt have to be this hard.

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