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UPDATE (8/23/2023 12:45AM):

An Intuit Support notice posted about an hour ago supports what we’d found: that updating the Application authorization as described below will reconnect applications properly.

While it is a good feeling to be correct, the speed and performance of QuickBooks since the Patch are yet to be addressed—so we’re not out of the woods yet.


UPDATE (8/22/2023 10:15PM):

Good evening. While Guidance from the Enterprise Support team did not address the issues completely, it appears that the effect of the critical fix today is that (all?) third-party integrations must be re-authorized within the Company file.

If you are having trouble syncing:
1. Open QuickBooks with the Admin User.
2. Switch Company File to Single User Mode.
3. Go to EDIT→Preferences→Integrated Applications
4. Select your integrated application. Click Remove.
5. Close QuickBooks.
6. Launch the Application to integrate.
7. Reopen QuickBooks with Admin User.
8. Go to EDIT→Preferences→Integrated Applications
9. Authorize the application according to the publisher’s settings.
10. Reset your sync User following standard procedure.

7PM 8/22/2023:

As you’re aware, performance has been irregular since the last Patch to QuickBooks, about two weeks ago.
Eezycloud servers are all up-to-date. There has been no net change in load on the servers or changes to their configuration to have a negative impact. The only change has been to the QuickBooks software via Intuit’s Updates, which revolve around QuickBooks’ WebConnector.
From our testing this weekend, we find that QuickBooks Enterprise 2023 is running slower by about 10-15% on load time and basic tasks against a fixed QuickBooks file.
My guess is that with the impending release of the 2024 software and the need to pre-stage the upgrade, there are items being installed in advance of the transition. In years past, said release has been in September.
There weren’t any Updates or Critical Fixes over the weekend; there was one just released this morning around 11AM; this, I’m told by colleagues, breaks most third-party integrations entirely. Earlier in the evening, we spoke with the Enterprise Support team, who provided a rather opaque process to resolution that hopefully will address the performance impact and resolve the features that have broken. Frankly, our Engineers are not confident that it will have an effect, as it references an update file time -stamped two-days ago.
We’re not happy to write with such news: we pride ourselves on knowing QuickBooks better than Intuit. Today that didn’t help, and so we’re on their schedule. We will communicate changes as they occur via our website, the login screen, and by email.
Thank you for your business.


Bob Babcock
Founder, President

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