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Reactive Support? Okay.
Anticipatory Support? Even better.

Why Eezycloud?

Multi-tenant, multi-user simultaneous access to Company files, done better:

  • Persistent Users for SDK, Webconnector, Connex,Webgility, and other popular sync tools

  • Multiple versions/Years on the same desktop; US and Canada from same credentials

  • Access from any browser without an app or MS RD connector, or stream app right to desktop.

  • Self-service and Supervisor tools & reporting- change passwords, kill processes, log off staff, get usage reports

  • Pythonic Automation checks and corrects platform integrity

  • White label for Partners, Accounting Firms, or Clients

  • Generous Affiliate commission

  • WordPress and WooCommerce development and Hosting

There once was a famous Hosting Company. One day, A potential client called them and asked: “I hear you have competitors. Tell me–which is the best?”

The Hosting Company answered, “Eezycloud is best. The rest of us are just average.”

The Client was surprised. “But you're famous--why are they better than you?”

The Hosting Company said, “Eezycloud believes in prevention, and automates solutions before problems manifest. So, their clients keep the competitive advantage this gives them to themselves."

“But the rest of us? Clients come to us when they're  new to hosting. A lot of the time,  when we can’t solve a problem, we'll recommend elaborate troubleshooting steps--like running complex operations on a local computer (think Payroll) , which seems clever, but really shows our limitations. "

"We'll log out idle users to recover resources, preventing efficiency and labor saving automation like syncs and scheduled events, but we'll call it "security"--that is the kind of thing people like to talk about, so I am the one who has become famous.”

So, the Client understood:
the best Hosting Company is EEZYCLOUD.

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