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Wise Man’s Allegory

Reactive Support? Okay. Anticipatory Support? Even better. TRY EEZYCLOUD TODAY Why Eezycloud?Multi-tenant, multi-user simultaneous access to Company files, done better:Persistent Users for SDK, Webconnector, Connex,Webgility, and other popular sync tools…
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The benefits of RemoteApp to SMB

RemoteApp is a Microsoft technology that allows businesses to run Windows applications in a centralized environment, rather than on individual workstations. RemoteApp offers a range of benefits and capabilities that…
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Top 5 reasons SMB should switch to Remote Desktop

Remote desktop technology has become an increasingly popular solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to streamline their IT operations and reduce costs. Unlike traditional desktop deployment, which requires…
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Backup Policy

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) rely on data to support their operations, make informed decisions, and serve their customers. Losing this data can have serious consequences, including lost productivity, revenue,…
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SquadTrip is Cool

  I manage an Alumni group on Facebook (Go Bants!), and someone posted news of two buddies from college (they're buddies, not me), that started SquadTrip, a financial tool for…
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